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Busted for DWI?

DWI cases are battles to be fought on two fronts. First, you must contend with the DMV's attempt to revoke your license to drive within 30 days following your arrest. Then at the same time, you must fight to keep your license from being suspended by the local district court.

We inquire!

If the police believe that you did not perform well on the field sobriety tests where you walk the line and touch your nose, then we look to see why. We inspect the surface area where you were told to do the tests. We inquire as to whether the officer properly instructed you on how to take these "tests". We inquire as to whether you have any medical conditions that would have hindered your ability to perform these roadside contortions.



If you have made the unfortunate mistake of taking a breath test, Mark and Justin will direct

you to send your sample tubes to an

independent analyst for testing to see if the police department’s breath test machine was working properly and to see if your breath test ticket gave the wrong result.


DUI/DWI Attorneys in Nashua NH New Hampshire

At Shepherd & Osborne, we will have your back in both arenas. Your license to drive is too valuable to just handover without a fight. If you are like most people, your license to drive is your portal to the rest of the world. You need it to drive to work, to visit friends and family, to grocery shop, to take your kids to school or sports, and to participate in other daily activities that make up much of your life.


How does one fight a DWI charge? Every case is different. First, we have you plea not guilty in court. Then we request a hearing at the DMV whereby we challenge their efforts to revoke your license. We comb through the police reports to see if the officer even had sufficient reasons to arrest you. We examine and challenge the evidence that the police think proves you drove while you were impaired.


If the police believe that your driving was problematic, we go to the scene of your arrest. We inspect the same area. We drive the same streets that you drove on at the time of your arrest to see how good or poor the driving conditions are for ourselves.


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